Time Managing

By creating a seamless user interface, you can quickly access all the information in a jiffy, resulting in precious time saving.

Data Integration

Advanced data integration helps bringing data from various places into one cohesive ecosystem. You can now access embedded analytical capabilities and leverage wealth of information to quickly make educated decisions.

Highly Customizable

Appropriate single-user environments, optimized claims build processes, improved alert capabilities & enhanced task automation opportunities; all the way you want it!

Achieving a high level of customer satisfaction is a goal with each one of us. Satisfied customers are extremely valuable assets for our business.

Something about claim Build

Claim Build is a cloud based advanced data integration application, which elevates efficiency, empowers better decisions and delivers a better customer experience. It is one application, which integrates multiple screens of data or a set of procedures to help you run your construction contracting business in an organized, efficient and profitable way.

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Available on both Android and iOS phones


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